Comfort food

Our comfort meals are made with love to warm up your soul on the long cold winter night. Or any time, really.

The risotto

Made with gluten free rice, cooked for a long time with the best ingredients and white wine we know and accompanied by the vegetables of the season, our risotto will melt on your tongue and leave you with a happy stomach.

Price: 16 euros/portion


The Chili

With our mix of red and black beans cooked in a thick tomatoe saus and spices from the other side of the world, our chili will spice up your life! It's served with rice for a complete experience.

Price: 16 euros/portion

The Lasagna

Slowly baked in the oven, filled with fresh spinach and a home-made bechamel and covered with melted vegan cheeze, our lasagna is composed of lentils lasagna and melts on your tongue as fast as an ice-cube under the summer sun.

Price: 16 euros/portion

The Colombo

This rich guadeloupean curry is composed of manioc, white beans, green beans and a creamy coconut saus filled with the precious spices of the island. Completed by grilled coconut flakes, It's a treat like no other.

Price: 16 euros/portion.