The Big Blocks

Because chocolate is even better when in big chunks, let us introduce you to our giant blocks of chocolate. Dark, milk or white, it's up to you. We can't choose, can you?


The Dark Side

Our dark chocolate has a profound cocoa taste and a richness like no other. Our blocks come in various tastes. Make a choice or take them all!

 -Coconut and chocolate chunks

- Dried raspberry and superfood berries

- Orange and Mint

- Nuts and Lemon biscuits

- Speculoos and Almond

Price: 15 euro/chunk


Milk with that?

Our milk chocolate is made with rice milk and is rich and creamy. It doesn't get better than this. Oh wait, of course it does! Discover out different mixes and get addicted.

- Home-made praliné and Almond

- Passion fruit and Chocolate chunks

- Dried Mango and pineapple

- Popcorn and Caramel chunks

- Marshmallows mix

Price: 15 euros/chunk

White is White etcetera

Our white chocolate is made with rice milk and a crazy creamy cocoa butter for a rich, sweet taste. And associated with the following ingredients, it's heaven on earth.

- Pistacchios and dried raspberry

- Candied Apple and Cinnamon

- Candied Orange and Vanilla

- Lime zests and roasted Coconut

- dried Banana and Coffee praliné chunks

Price: 15 euros/chunk