The Cupcakes

Because let's face it, cake is nice, but cupcakes is funnier!

We offer various taste and style for a mix and match like no other.


The plain cupcakes

A nice, moist cake. A creamy topping. Nice decorations. What more do you need?

Curious about the tastes? Here they are:

- Lemon and poppy seed cake - Meringue topping

- Blueberry cake - Vanilla Cream topping

- Vanilla cake - Coffee cream topping

- Vanilla cake - vanilla cream topping

- Vanilla cake -  Popcorn cream topping

- Vanilla cake - Cotton Candy cream topping

- Chocolate cake - "Kinder Bueno" topping

- Chocolate cake - tonka cream topping

- Chocolate cake - coconut cream topping

- Chocolate cake - Dark chocolate ganache

Price: 3 euros/cupcake


The filled cupcakes

Above and beyond we go for your sweet tooth! Above the moist cake and the crazy topping, we fill the cake with cream or fresh fruits for a full mouth experience. And of course, here are the different tastes:

- Lemon and poppy seed cake -  lemon cream filling - Meringue topping

- Blueberry cake - fresh blueberries and jam filling - Vanilla cream topping

- Vanilla cake - Vanilla pudding filling -  Vanilla cream topping

- Vanilla cake - Coffee pudding filling - Coffee cream topping

- Vanilla cake - Home-made caramel cream filling -  popcorn cream topping

- Vanilla cake - cotton candy cream filling - cotton-candy topping

- Chocolate cake - "Kinder bueno" cream filling - chocolate cream topping

- Chocolate cake - hazelnut cream topping - tonka cream topping

- chocolate cake - coconut jam filling - coconut cream topping

- chocolate cake - cookies and cream filling - dark chocolate ganache

price: 4 euros/cupcake