The Big Brownies

If you haven't noticed yet, you now know for sure that we are crazy about chocolate. And because craziness must be shared at all time, we make these extra big, extra chocolaty brownies with delicious toppings just for you!


The Big Brownies

- Dark brownie-Dark ganache-Chocolate pieces-cocoa nibs-cookie bits

- Dark brownie-dark ganache-speculoos bits-candied apple-speculoos cream

- Dark brownie-dark ganache-dried raspberries-raspberry jam-chocolate bits

- Milk brownie-milk ganache-dried pineapple-lime cream-coconut flakes

- White blondie-white ganache-praliné bits-passion fruit cream-hazelnuts

Price: 40 euros/ brownie (6 tot 8 portions) or 5 euros/individual